4 Secrets on Using An Interior Inspiration Photo to Create Your Own Unique Room

Many of us love to look through magazines and watch HGTV for interior inspirations. Thus, the question is how do you take that inspiration photo and create your own unique room? Where do you start? How do you incorporate what you like and not try to mimic the space literally?  Even interior design professionals use an inspiration photo when designing a space. In this condominium renovation that I have been writing about, I used an inspiration photo to help my client visualize where I wanted to go with her office space.  Here are 4 tips to help you go from an interior inspiration photo to an individualized space created just for you!

1. Color, color, color

My client wanted a blue room. The driving force when choosing the color was the visible painted rooms essential to creating a pleasing room-to-room transition or sight lines.  All the paints came from Sherwin Williams; the yellow Icy Lemonade for the kitchen and the green Bonsai Tint for the living and dining room. Therefore, the blue had to complement those colors.  The choice was Spa, a vibrant yet soothing blue color. (Tip: Sight lines are important!)

Inspiration photo sight lines

2 . Identify what you really like in the interior inspiration photo.

♦ The white office furniture.
♦ The multi-colored patterned chair.
♦ The graphic and colorful area rug.
♦ And the full length drapes.

Home Office inspiration photoMost of all, the choices made were not identical to the inspiration photo. (Tip: Never try to mimic totally what you see in an inspiration photo, it rarely will satisfy you or your needs.)

3. Identify the items that will NOT work for your room from the interior inspiration photo.

♦ The photo gallery wall. This room needed the wall space for storage options.
♦ The carpet on the floors. The hardwood floors were continued.
♦ No overhead lighting. Therefore, a ceiling light fixture was added for functionality.


4. Ensure the room functions for YOU!

♦ Added a comfortable sitting nook for reading or watching TV.
♦ Planned ahead by choosing a shelving unit that will hold her printer.
♦ Included additional wall storage by hanging a bin for magazines and files.
♦ Utilized the not-so-attractive-yet-functional window blind but added whimsical decorative sheers.
♦ Kept the cherry-hued fireplace\TV stand. Hence, the desk chair has coordinating cherry-hued legs.
(Tip: Remember, you do not live in a magazine; your room should match your needs.)

In conclusion, it is a comfortable, bright, colorful and functioning office space where my client can relax as well as take care of business! Let me help you take an interior inspiration photo from a want to a reality.

Would love to hear your comments.

REIMAGE your home today.




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