Dining Room Decorating in 4 Steps from Blah to Aha!

Before Dining Room

Removing Blue Carpet in Dining Room Now or You Will Hate Yourself Later!

When you purchased your home, did it look similar to this? Blue carpet was very prevalent in the late 1980’s and was in every room, including the dining room. Maybe, hate is too strong of a word but let me put you on the decorating path of removing the biggest offender, blue carpet! This is the first in a series of blogs chronicling the redesign of a condominium for a client who was starting the next chapter in her life as a single person. Don’t allow spaces like this dining room to overwhelm you; I assure you it can be fixed!

  1. Let us start with the blue carpet. Do you want new carpeting or are hardwood floors a must-have? For this client, it was the latter. This condominium was built on a slab making it necessary to choose an engineered wood floor. Tip: Remember in decorating to take in consideration adjoining spaces. This happens to be a living and dining room combination space.  Spoiler Alert: The wood floors were installed in the dining room, living room, kitchen, entrance and the 2nd bedroom.
  2. Next, choose a color for the walls based on your inspiration. Tip: Two of the top inspirations for redesigning or decorating rooms are fabric or artwork. For this dining room, the inspiration was the fabric for the drapery panels that had ivory, green, yellow and blue in its palette. Bonsai Tint from Sherwin Williams, which is in the green family, was the choice for the wall color. By the way, the Pantone 2017 color of the year is greenery. (See the caption at the end of the article.) I guess I was prophetic!
  3. Based on the space, determine the best table and server size. China cabinets are rarely used these days but a server is a very functioning piece in the dining room. Consequently, an Amish-made round table with a two-tone finish was designed and purchased to better fill this space. Seems like round tables are usually reserved for the kitchen area but it is a great choice for dining rooms as a it encourages conversation! Tip: Remember when decorating with new dining room furniture to inquire about table leaves to accommodate larger crowds for special occasions if you have the room. Two leaves were purchased with this table. 4 Steps in Decorating Transitional dining room with wood floors

And the server is also an Amish-made piece with a Pottery Barn inspiration; both purchased from a local small furniture store which allowed for choices of wood  finishes and hardware. I love supporting local small businesses especially when it provides flexibility to suit my client’s needs and taste!4 Steps in Decorating Transitional dining room with wood floors

4. The chairs, lighting and accessories were the next steps. In addition, chairs must be comfortable as you want family and guests to linger at the dining room table    comfortably after a delicious meal. Tip: Form and function is the mantra in design when decorating especially with seating choices in any room! Chairs, lighting and accessories were all purchased either online or at local retailers. Discount retail stores are a great source when decorating spaces.

4 Steps in Decorating Transitional dining room with wood floors

Notice the color palette imitates nature with the green walls and brown wood floors.  It emotes feelings of tranquility, balance and hospitality. Goodbye blue carpet! Stay tuned as the blue carpet is EVERYWHERE!

REIMAGE your home today. XO, Lolita

Greenery 2017 Pantone Color of the Year