Lolita Marshall - REIMAGE home designs, LLCLolita Marshall is the owner of REIMAGE home designs, LLC. She has designed her current and previous homes as well as the homes of friends and family. Lolita is an avid art collector with a keen eye to incorporate art in her interior styling and design. She understands that people want and deserve more than a home; they desire a lifestyle. Following a 27 year successful career in healthcare, Lolita is pursuing her passions as many have encouraged her to do for years; even strangers! In addition, with many years in management her skill set of being budget-conscious will ensure your decorating investments are utilized wisely to create the spaces you desire. Starting with what you already own and building upon it is her specialty. Furthermore, collaborating and listening to you is what is important and together amazing results can be achieved! Lolita’s goal is for her clients to see that design should reflect who they are and their homes become a refuge from their busy lives.

Consequently, helping and educating others is at the heart of her business.

Lolita Marshall is an HSR Certified Professional Home Staging and Interior Redesign specialist. She has completed the most comprehensive home staging and redesign certification courses in the country provided by the Home Staging Resource. The certification program included coursework in the science of color, vacant/occupied staging and design elements for staging and redesign. REIMAGE home designs, LLC is an expert in creating a vision where you fall in love with your home! 

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