Living Room Makeover in 4 Steps: Before and After

Before Living Room

The Living Room Before (Yes, More Blue Carpet!)

Taking strategic steps to decorate your living room is essential.  Before you start a living room makeover, list all the activities that take place in the room and all needed items. This is the second article in the series of a condominium renovation. This room was extremely important to my client as it the heart of her living space being a combination of the dining and living room. She desired a space where she could proudly entertain friends and family; a place to watch TV comfortably; and most importantly, a room that reflected her personality. The before picture of this living room does not meet any of that criteria! Let’s go through the 4 steps.

  1. Color Palette
  • The first step to consider is the dominant color for your palette, which is the wall color. Especially for living rooms, this is usually a neutral color – key word, usually.
  • Choose 2-4 colors to complement your dominant color to use as accents. Since this was a living room/dining room combination space; the green-hued Bonsai Tint color continued on the walls from the dining room and the complement colors of ivory, yellow and blue were incorporated for cohesion. ( Tip: Having rooms that flow within your home is important whether you have an open concept or not.)
  1. Flooring
  • Main choices for flooring are hardwoods or carpet based on your budget or needs. Always consider how your space is used.
  • Whichever you choose, including an area rug is a great addition for layering and providing texture to the living room. The wood floors were the canvas for this space but it needed a rug to ground the sitting area and delineate the living room from the dining room. I listened to my client who really wanted a rug with a large floral pattern. (Tip: Communicate what you want, even if you are using professional design assistance. This is your home!)

After Living Room Remodel Condo

  1. Furniture
  • The first piece and the biggest investment to consider is the couch. Buy the best couch that fits your budget when decorating a living room.  I typically prefer solid fabrics on the sofa as you can easily change the look by adding different pillows and other accessories, which is much less expensive than buying a new couch. (Tip: Measure, measure, measure your room to ensure the couch will fit the space.)
  • Use patterned fabrics on your chairs, benches or pillows. When mixing fabrics, it is all about scale and color. I love how this chair has a floral pattern on the sides and back with solid fabric in the front. As a result, notice how the design mimics the pattern on the rug.

Living Room Makeover

  • Mix and match the wood finishes on your furniture pieces. As a result, the finishes in this room run the gamut from dark woods on the tables to ivory-painted wood on the TV console. Trust me, your room will feel collected and interesting, not matchy-matchy.

  1. Window Coverings and Accessories
  • My client knew what she wanted on her windows in decorating her living room….plantation shutters. I softened the shutters with sheer panels adding a touch of simple elegance. Use wall accents as the finishing touches to a room.  Especially relevant: Art, mirrors and other wall décor will add color, personality and style to any space!

Now this living room fulfills my client’s wish list. Just like her, this living room is warm and inviting. It is a great entertaining space for friends and family as well as a place for her to re-charge from her busy life!

When you arrive home, do your rooms rise up to greet you and say “Welcome Home”? Remember your home should reflect you and your family and envelop you like a big hug. Is it time to decorate your living room?

REIMAGE your home today. XOXO, Lolita


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