Decorate By Unleashing Superhero Accessory Power


With all the superhero films dominating the movies, there is a superhero power right at your fingertips when decorating your home –  Accessory Power! Accessories bring style, energy, color, cohesiveness and personality to a space. Accessory Power can transform a nice room into an awesome room! Some of my favorite accessories are art, books, candlesticks, pillows, throws and rugs. Furthermore, the real beauty of accessories are my favorites do not have to be YOUR favorites. Consequently, accessories are personal and should speak to who you are; your interests, your choices; your style.

The Difference Accessory Power Makes

Accessory Power Before Great Room

Beautiful space that illustrates how the accessories take it to the next level. Moreover, it now looks complete as well as warm and more welcoming.

Accessory Power After Great Room

In addition, the example below shows how the accessory style can change the entire feel from traditional to transitional without purchasing new furniture. The nice part is you do not have to get this all at once, build upon it! Now that’s power!

Accessory Power Traditional HallwayAccessory Power Transitional Hallway

Seasonal Accessory Power

Accessory Power Red Dining Room

Accessories can also be used seasonally to make a room lighter and brighter for spring/summer. ( And in this case, a little less formal.) Therefore; change it up, do not be afraid of color and have some fun!

Accessory Power Spring Dining Room

Accessories in Simplicity

Accessory power master bedroom before

To impact a room, it does not mean accessories have to be in abundance. You can keep it simple and create a serene, beautiful room. Less is more can apply to accessories, also!

Accessory power master bedroom after

In conclusion, accessories are a necessary part in having rooms that beckon you in and make a lasting impression. Ensure your rooms represent you and tell people who you are, what you value and unabashedly show your Accessory Power! Wakanda forever!

Call me, I would love to share my Accessory Power with you! Feel free to leave a comment.


Lolita Marshall

“It’s your home, you deserve it!”

Occupied Home Staging Sells House 1st Day on the Market

Occupied Home Staging - Cleveland, OH

Photographer: Kay Ronevich                        Realtor: Darren Burke

( Did I Mention it Sold for Full Price?)

This occupied home staging house had good bones prior to staging.  The buyers on the first day presented a full price offer just from viewing online then saw it in person to finalize. Occupied home staging can make your property shine online. Viewing homes online is the most used information source for buyers per the Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trend Report 2017 by NAR Research Department. In addition, 89% of buyers surveyed that photos were the most “very useful” feature on the websites. Check out these before and after photos, as well as other highlights!

Occupied Home Staging Before and After Photos

Accessories are necessary to pull a room together and make it more inviting.

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Home Sold in 60 Days – City Averages 109 Days!

(Did I mention it sold in December)

Home sold Madison OH exterior

Home sold Madison OH kitchen living room

( All after photos by Darren Burke, Keller Williams )

This modest completely updated bi-level home sold and transferred in 60 days in the month of December! The investors requested my services to choose in-stock updates mostly from a national home improvement store. This included all flooring, countertops, cabinets, interior/exterior paint colors and light fixtures. All paint colors are Sherwin Williams.

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When a Memory Care Community Becomes Home

Assisted Living in Photos


How can I, as an interior redesigner, help to transition someone’s loved one to a memory care community? Furthermore, it is even more challenging when the Power of Attorney (POA) is a cousin who lives several states away. This was difficult for me because I did not have the ability to speak with the loved one directly prior to arranging the space. I have never designed for someone without the benefit of seeing their current space, inquiring about favorite colors and just getting to know them. The information was scarce and one day prior to installation day; I received three pieces of artwork, two framed personal photos, a chair and a floor lamp from her home.  It was imperative that I incorporate these items into the space. Most noteworthy, this was less about design and much more about the person.

Memory Care Design Requires Combining Cherished and New Items

Memory Care Assisted Living in Photo

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4 Secrets on Using An Interior Inspiration Photo to Create Your Own Unique Room

Many of us love to look through magazines and watch HGTV for interior inspirations. Thus, the question is how do you take that inspiration photo and create your own unique room? Where do you start? How do you incorporate what you like and not try to mimic the space literally?  Even interior design professionals use an inspiration photo when designing a space. In this condominium renovation that I have been writing about, I used an inspiration photo to help my client visualize where I wanted to go with her office space.  Here are 4 tips to help you go from an interior inspiration photo to an individualized space created just for you!

1. Color, color, color

My client wanted a blue room. The driving force when choosing the color was the visible painted rooms essential to creating a pleasing room-to-room transition or sight lines.  All the paints came from Sherwin Williams; the yellow Icy Lemonade for the kitchen and the green Bonsai Tint for the living and dining room. Therefore, the blue had to complement those colors.  The choice was Spa, a vibrant yet soothing blue color. (Tip: Sight lines are important!)

Inspiration photo sight lines

2 . Identify what you really like in the interior inspiration photo.

♦ The white office furniture.
♦ The multi-colored patterned chair.
♦ The graphic and colorful area rug.
♦ And the full length drapes.

Home Office inspiration photoMost of all, the choices made were not identical to the inspiration photo. (Tip: Never try to mimic totally what you see in an inspiration photo, it rarely will satisfy you or your needs.) Continue reading →

Living Room Makeover in 4 Steps: Before and After

Before Living Room

The Living Room Before (Yes, More Blue Carpet!)

Taking strategic steps to decorate your living room is essential.  Before you start a living room makeover, list all the activities that take place in the room and all needed items. This is the second article in the series of a condominium renovation. This room was extremely important to my client as it the heart of her living space being a combination of the dining and living room. She desired a space where she could proudly entertain friends and family; a place to watch TV comfortably; and most importantly, a room that reflected her personality. The before picture of this living room does not meet any of that criteria! Let’s go through the 4 steps.

  1. Color Palette
  • The first step to consider is the dominant color for your palette, which is the wall color. Especially for living rooms, this is usually a neutral color – key word, usually.
  • Choose 2-4 colors to complement your dominant color to use as accents. Since this was a living room/dining room combination space; the green-hued Bonsai Tint color continued on the walls from the dining room and the complement colors of ivory, yellow and blue were incorporated for cohesion. ( Tip: Having rooms that flow within your home is important whether you have an open concept or not.)
  1. Flooring
  • Main choices for flooring are hardwoods or carpet based on your budget or needs. Always consider how your space is used.
  • Whichever you choose, including an area rug is a great addition for layering and providing texture to the living room. The wood floors were the canvas for this space but it needed a rug to ground the sitting area and delineate the living room from the dining room. I listened to my client who really wanted a rug with a large floral pattern. (Tip: Communicate what you want, even if you are using professional design assistance. This is your home!)

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Dining Room Decorating in 4 Steps from Blah to Aha!

Before Dining Room

Removing Blue Carpet in Dining Room Now or You Will Hate Yourself Later!

When you purchased your home, did it look similar to this? Blue carpet was very prevalent in the late 1980’s and was in every room, including the dining room. Maybe, hate is too strong of a word but let me put you on the decorating path of removing the biggest offender, blue carpet! This is the first in a series of blogs chronicling the redesign of a condominium for a client who was starting the next chapter in her life as a single person. Don’t allow spaces like this dining room to overwhelm you; I assure you it can be fixed!

  1. Let us start with the blue carpet. Do you want new carpeting or are hardwood floors a must-have? For this client, it was the latter. This condominium was built on a slab making it necessary to choose an engineered wood floor. Tip: Remember in decorating to take in consideration adjoining spaces. This happens to be a living and dining room combination space.  Spoiler Alert: The wood floors were installed in the dining room, living room, kitchen, entrance and the 2nd bedroom.
  2. Next, choose a color for the walls based on your inspiration. Tip: Two of the top inspirations for redesigning or decorating rooms are fabric or artwork. For this dining room, the inspiration was the fabric for the drapery panels that had ivory, green, yellow and blue in its palette. Bonsai Tint from Sherwin Williams, which is in the green family, was the choice for the wall color. By the way, the Pantone 2017 color of the year is greenery. (See the caption at the end of the article.) I guess I was prophetic!
  3. Based on the space, determine the best table and server size. China cabinets are rarely used these days but a server is a very functioning piece in the dining room. Consequently, an Amish-made round table with a two-tone finish was designed and purchased to better fill this space. Seems like round tables are usually reserved for the kitchen area but it is a great choice for dining rooms as a it encourages conversation! Tip: Remember when decorating with new dining room furniture to inquire about table leaves to accommodate larger crowds for special occasions if you have the room. Two leaves were purchased with this table. 4 Steps in Decorating Transitional dining room with wood floors

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4 Brilliant Ways to use Home Staging with Pantone Colors


For the first time, the 2016 Pantone color of the year is the combination of two colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute states, “Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.” Serenity conveys the two R’s: Respite and Relaxation while Rose Quartz expresses the two C’s: Compassion and Composure. That is a beautiful sentiment even if you are not a fan of these colors. Continue reading →

Home Staging Cleveland OH and Surrounding Cities

Home staging in Cleveland, OH and surrounding cities is more critical than ever! Homes that are not staged are not selling or worse…they are hammered on price to desperately find a buyer. There is no need to lower your price when staging is the option!

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the preparation of a home to sell by a trained professional who specializes in understanding the buyer demographic and preparing homes to sell. Many definitions you have seen no doubt stop after the word “sell” and that is part of the big misconception and devaluation of home staging.


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