Decorate By Unleashing Superhero Accessory Power


With all the superhero films dominating the movies, there is a superhero power right at your fingertips when decorating your home –  Accessory Power! Accessories bring style, energy, color, cohesiveness and personality to a space. Accessory Power can transform a nice room into an awesome room! Some of my favorite accessories are art, books, candlesticks, pillows, throws and rugs. Furthermore, the real beauty of accessories are my favorites do not have to be YOUR favorites. Consequently, accessories are personal and should speak to who you are; your interests, your choices; your style.

The Difference Accessory Power Makes

Accessory Power Before Great Room

Beautiful space that illustrates how the accessories take it to the next level. Moreover, it now looks complete as well as warm and more welcoming.

Accessory Power After Great Room

In addition, the example below shows how the accessory style can change the entire feel from traditional to transitional without purchasing new furniture. The nice part is you do not have to get this all at once, build upon it! Now that’s power!

Accessory Power Traditional HallwayAccessory Power Transitional Hallway

Seasonal Accessory Power

Accessory Power Red Dining Room

Accessories can also be used seasonally to make a room lighter and brighter for spring/summer. ( And in this case, a little less formal.) Therefore; change it up, do not be afraid of color and have some fun!

Accessory Power Spring Dining Room

Accessories in Simplicity

Accessory power master bedroom before

To impact a room, it does not mean accessories have to be in abundance. You can keep it simple and create a serene, beautiful room. Less is more can apply to accessories, also!

Accessory power master bedroom after

In conclusion, accessories are a necessary part in having rooms that beckon you in and make a lasting impression. Ensure your rooms represent you and tell people who you are, what you value and unabashedly show your Accessory Power! Wakanda forever!

Call me, I would love to share my Accessory Power with you! Feel free to leave a comment.


Lolita Marshall

“It’s your home, you deserve it!”

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