Interior Styling or Redesign Services

Condo Strong Collage

Do you want a cohesive look to your home?  Is there a room that just does not speak your language? Are there pieces you love but something is missing? Have you started decorating a room but just have not had the time to complete it? REIMAGE home designs services can utilize what you already own to help you love your home again! Furthermore, if you desire to start totally anew, the company can provide those services as well. Interior styling and redesign services are available to help the average person create beautiful and functioning rooms that enhance their lives and well-being.

  • Redesign Ultimate Service : This service starts with a consultation about your design goals, lifestyle, color preferences and budget. We will then take measurements and photos.   A proposal will follow based upon the scope of the project.  Product is selected and a timeline determined. As a result, furnishings, accessories and materials will be purchased. Estimates and costs for services are always discussed together so that you can enjoy the design process. And finally, installation day! Consequently, you will see the design come to life and your goals accomplished.  Hence ending with you enjoying your transformed spaces!  The fees would include a flat design charge along with a products/furnishings budget.

  • REIMAGE Shopping Service : Based on a budget we determine together, REIMAGE home designs services can shop for needed accessories that will update the look and feel of your home. As an expert in shopping, your budget can go far. This service is an hourly fee plus product costs.

  • REIMAGE Color Consultation Services: Whether you have built a new home or want to update your current home, REIMAGE home designs can assist and help you choose a color palette that reflects you and complements your furnishings/floorings. This service is an hourly fee.


  • REIMAGE Home Staging Services Certified in home staging, this service can help to prepare your home for sale, whether it is vacant or occupied. Full day or half day packages or an hourly service rate are available based on your individual needs.  

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